Video Game Testing Community The video game testing world is one of the most competitive industries out there, and if you're under the age of 18, it may seem impossible to get a job testing games. This is because many companies simply do not want to deal with the legalities surrounding employees under 18.

They can't work as many hours in a day, and many of the contracts and such have to be signed by parents. However, many great gamers are under 18, so how can both these young players and video game companies benefit from their experience?

Do Unpaid Beta Tests

One of the best ways for young gamers to get game testing experience is to sign up for a beta test that doesn't pay. Companies like Blizzard and Microsoft have open betas for new software, and while they don't pay anything, they can be put on a resume for future job applications. Do as many beta tests as you can. The experience you get here will be absolutely invaluable, and it may be the thing that pushes your resume over the top when you turn 18 and can apply for jobs.

Build Up Your Experience and Knowledge

That's the main thing you want to do as a young gamer. Don't expect to be paid for anything. Quite frankly, it will very, very rarely happen. While there are some companies who will hire younger gamers, don't count on it. Instead, start working on building up your experience. Do betas, play a ton of video games, and start learning about the game industry by reading websites.

Research game companies and try to learn what they want in video game testers. While you may not be able to make money testing games at this point in your life, you can use the time to make certain that you're already a few steps ahead of the competition when you turn 18 and can start bringing in a paycheck.