Video Game Tester Sample Resume As with any job, your resume is vital to securing a position as a video game tester. However, you might wonder what exactly you can list on your resume to make you look like a better client for a testing job. After all, there are few things that seem to count as relevant work experience for a video game testing job short of, well, testing video games. There are some things, though, that can help push your resume to the top of the pile.

» Show any previous writing experience. As a video game tester, it is very important that you can clearly communicate your experiences playing a game. In fact, a degree in English is often seen as being just as, if not more, useful than a degree in computer programming. Video game testing actually requires very little knowledge of how to make video games. It's much more important that you can tell the actual programmers what about the game needs improving, and to do that, you have to be able to write clear, informative reports. Even if you don't have a degree in English, listing any writing you've done for previous jobs is helpful.

» Don't have any writing experience? Get some! One easy way of doing this is to start a blog or submit video game reviews to sites like "". Associated Content doesn't always pay for video game reviews, but they will often publish them. If you don't want to submit your content to a site like this, you can start your own blog and review video games. However, you need to do this several months before applying for testing jobs so that you have a good number of posts. A blog like this does several things for you: it shows you have a passion for video games and demonstrates your writing skills. Just remember to make certain the writing you publish on your blog is polished, grammatically correct, and contains no typos.

» In addition to writing experience, point out any job in which you had to pay attention to detail. Video game testing involves paying attention to every tiny little aspect of the game and going over it with a fine toothed comb. Testers have to be very detail-oriented and organized. Showing that you have the ability to pick up on even the smallest of errors can move your resume ahead of others.

Game Tester Resume Sample

» Sign up for beta test programs. Many games, especially online games like World of Warcraft, give players the chance to participate in beta testing for new content. Beta testers get to see the new content before other players, but in exchange, they're asked to make note of anything odd or broken. Basically, this is exactly what a professional video game tester does. Even if you just beta tested programs for computer programming majors at college, list this experience on your resume.

» Don't simply use your generic resume. Some people create one resume and then use it for every job they apply for. Don't do this. Instead, take the time to customize each resume you send out. For a video game tester resume, the "skills" or "knowledge" section is a great place to list your video game playing habits. Include what genres you enjoy and which consoles you own.

» Make certain your resume is polished and error-free. Again, this is true for any resume you send out, but it's especially important for video game testers. A great looking resume goes back to the point of writing clearly. Your resume is most likely the first writing sample a potential employer will see, so it's very, very important that it can be easily read and has no spelling or grammar errors. Most employers operate under the assumption that individuals who can't write a clear, error-free resume won't be able to write clear, error-free game test reports or memos.