Video Game Tester Companies There are many different companies that hire video game testers. No matter which company you work for, you'll get to do what you've always wanted to do: play video games for a living! Depending on which company you work for, your duties may vary a bit, but mostly, you'll find yourself taking notes while playing various video games. Here are some ideas about joining the top video game tester companies.

Before you can look into actual companies, though, you need to decide which part of the video game testing industry you want to get into. You can work directly for a video game company, work for a testing company, work for a magazine that reviews games, or work for a website that focuses on testing games and writing strategy guides. All four of these areas involve playing video games for a living, although what you do will change a bit depending on where you work.

Look for the best companies

Once you've decided which aspect of this career you want to go in to, it's time to start looking at the top companies and how to break into them. This can be difficult depending on what type of job you want.

If you want to work directly for a video game company, you need to research the company. Some companies don't actually have their own testing unit—they hire contractors or outsource the testing to another company. However, there are companies that hire their own testers. Many video game companies are located in California, so you should be prepared to relocate. Once you get settled, it will be time to begin your game company search. The best way to do this is to actually sign up with a temp agency. Many game companies hire through a temp agency instead of calling for resumes because temp agencies can quickly send them qualified temps.

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Research is the name of the game

If you're looking to work for a professional testing company, you're going to have to do a little research and find the names of these companies. Few people know of professional video game testing companies, but they do exist. Beta Breakers is one of these companies. They test many different types of PC programs, not just video games, and they test for a large number of companies. These companies do take resumes in response to posted jobs, but some also hire through temp agencies. Again, many of these companies are based in California, although unlike video game companies, some of them do hire game players from around the world. While testers who work directly for gaming companies may work a standard workday at the company, if you work for a testing company, you may do all of your work from home.

Magazines like PC Gamer also hire video game testers, but these testers have a slightly different goal. While they do test games and report on how well the gameplay is, they also give their honest opinions on the game. Likewise, game testers who work for strategy guide companies will need to take notes on the best strategies and tactics to use. These two jobs aren't pure “testing” jobs, but they do involve playing games for a living and testing out the games to help players decide which ones to buy and how to progress through the games.