Game Tester Internet Cursor If you are considering this type of career then it can be useful to know about the more reputable video game tester sites. There are a lot of these types of websites online but they are not all good sources for information or work. If this is all new to you then it can all be a bit confusing; for this reason here is a list of some of the reputable video game tester sites.

Game Tester Guide (Full Review)
Game Tester Guide provides lots of useful information that will be helpful for people now to this field. It talks about the different types of tester and offers suggestions about how people can find their way into this type of work. It is a relatively small website but the information is quite good.

Gaming Testing Ground (Full Review)
Gaming Testing Ground is a website that not only provides lots of useful information but also has a member-only area where you can join and start makingĀ  money as a game tester. The FAQs area on the website answers most of the questions that those new to the profession might like to ask.

Here you will also find out more about how their community works and the benefits of joining it. This resource also gives a useful guide as to how much you can expect to earn from this type of work.

Game Tester ( )
Game Tester provides a useful directory of all the game developers who might be looking for applicants. It also provides lots of tester information that is sure to come in useful to those who are just starting out. The site also has a blog which is worth following if you want to be sure of staying up to date about everything that is going on in the industry.

There are some other great resources on the web for game testers and this is not meant to be an exhaustive list. Those mentioned above though are a good place to begin looking for information and getting work. Just remember that as well as the reputable video game tester sites there are also some that are not so good. As you spend a bit more time around the better ones you will find it easier to spot the ones that are less worthy of your time. It is important to check out these reputable sites though as the more information you have the better.