Computer Game Tester Qualifications Resident Evil If you want to be a computer game tester, you need to work out what qualifications you need, if any and if you do not have them, how to get them.

Computer game testing can be a very fun and enjoyable job and to make the most out of your career you need to be good at it, so first of all you have to actually enjoy playing computer games. If you don't, you will not enjoy your job and you will earn less money than what you could otherwise do, should you work harder and for longer.

The basic qualifications

One of the most important computer game tester qualifications is Read more »

Become A Game Tester How do I become a game tester? Can I do it from home? These are the questions video gamers would love to know. Here are the answers.

Working from Home

Let's take the second one first: Yes, you can work from home. In fact, expect to work from home as that is the standard for most video game testing jobs. You work from home on a contract basis: meaning they send you work as it becomes available. In general, you have the right to accept or decline a job when it is offered. (Keep in mind that if you decline too often, the company will begin to Read more »

a Man on the Dell Computer - Video Game Tester Salary Everyone wants to be a video game tester and be paid to stay home and play video games all day. But of course, everyone wants to know how much do testers get paid.

As with any job, wages for testing jobs depends largely on how much experience you have. Beginning testers earn about $7 to $8 per hour depending on the company. They may work a full-time schedule of 40 to more than 50 hours in order to thoroughly evaluate a game and meet the company's production deadline.

Hmm. $280 for 40 hours of sitting around playing video games Read more »

Finding Video Game Tester Jobs The video game industry is currently one of the fastest growing industries in the USA as well as in other parts of the world. It is a highly successful industry that generates billions of dollars each year. Many people are rushing to get themselves in the trade.

There are thousands of game testing jobs posted on the Internet. 2 key aspects to consider when finding a game tester job include:

(1) the kind of testing job you prefer; and
(2) where to look for it.

Listed below are descriptions of some video game Read more »

Requirements in Becoming a Video Game Tester There are certain requirements in becoming a video game tester. Aside from being a video gaming enthusiast, you need to possess substantial computer skills. You also need to be updated on the latest games and high-tech devices in the market.

These days, the specifications have become lax. This means almost anyone can become a paid video game tester. However, you need to have the passion for playing video games apart from the skills of adapting to different techniques, strategies and systems involved in video gaming before you Read more »

Easy Ways to Make Money from Video Game Testing

Video game testing jobs have become very popular due to the advent of improved video gaming technology. Although most people still regard this venture as a scam, Video Game Testers actually earn up to $120 per hour.

However, there are still those who are not successful in this field. This is mainly because they do not follow rules implemented by game developers when it comes to testing their video games. Otherwise, successful testers emphasize that Video Game Testing is a way of "earning money the fun way".

There are certain rules for Video Game Testing. Some of these Read more »

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