Game Tester Bug ReportThe world of game testing involves quite a steep learning curve. There is a lot you need to pick up early on if you want to make it in this business. Ideally you should hit the deck running and already know a lot before you even begin. One of the things that it is important to know is how to report a bug of a game by game tester.

In fact if you are not able to do this there is no way that you will be of use to any game developer; this is what they are paying you to do after all. In the rest of this article we will discuss the important of this aspect of the job, and the details of how to report a bug of a game by game tester.

Why Do You Need To Report Bugs in a Specific Way?

When the developer pays people to test their games  they expect certain things; this is understandable as it usually takes a big chunk out of their budget. The developer does not have time to sit down with each game taster and question them about their findings – that just wouldn't be practical.

Instead the game developer expects to receive detailed reports that are written in such a way that they can easily see the information that they need to see. If the reports are vague or difficult to understand then the information is useless to them. They just don't have the time to be working out what the game tester means; in fact they have paid for something to be clear and unambiguous. If you are not able to provide what the developer is after then you are just wasting their time; this is why it is vital that you can report bugs in a specific way.

How to Report Bugs to the Game Developer?

So now we get to the meat of the issue; the answer to how to report a bug of a game by game tester. The great thing about technical writing is that it is unambiguous; sure it may not be the most entertaining writing in the world but it does what it is meant to do. Your report should not have any unnecessary words and you should use technical terms that the developer will understand that clearly states your meaning.

The developer should be able to look at your report and automatically know what you are getting at. This might sound like a lot to ask but it is a skill you must develop. A good idea is to hunt down examples of good game testing reports and see what it is that makes them good.