Make Money Game Testing One of the first things people wonder about when considering a future in game testing is, how much will they get paid? Many suspect that the fact that this is something that they love doing anyway will mean that they get paid very little. The good news is that most game testers make a good living out of this career, and some may a lot of money out of it. Like most things you will likely earn less money in the beginning; once you establish yourself though the money may come pouring in.

Those new to video game testing may struggle to make more than $10,000 a year – some won't even manage to make that. Most though will soon be hitting the $20,000 mark though, and as they become more well know then so will there income likely increase. Some of the more experienced game testers are making about $50,000 a year – this is a great living by most people's standards.

If you are considering a career in game testing you should prepare yourself for a struggle in the beginning. If you keep at it though and demonstrate your ability to provide high quality work you should soon be making a more respectable income. Just because you are doing something you love shouldn't mean that you get paid less. It should actually mean that you get paid a lot more because you are so passionate about the work – don't let anyone tell you any different.