Gamer Testing Ground Image Introduction: The Gamer Tester Ground Guide is one of the most useful guides for people who are trying to become game testers. It is a user-friendly site with clear chapter headings and appropriate, up-to-date information on all the topics concerning the game tester.

The online membership of Gamer Testing Ground allows members the option of buying into the site for 6, 12 or 24 months and this membership to the Gamer Testing Ground manual allows you access to the frequent updates and new resources that the site offers.

The resource list at the end of the guide contains very valuable information on credible companies who are currently hiring game testers. This list is updated often so it contains the newest available jobs. This is one of the main benefits  of the membership. Let's look at the guide in more detail.

Structure of the guide

The guide is structured as one, long page that makes navigation easy as you just need to scroll to get to the section that you want to reach. It has interesting, colorful writing and the different fonts make it easy to stay focused. Furthermore, the layout of the guide is logical and simple so that you can, once again, find your way around with ease and the minimum hassle.

Table of contents:

The table of contents is meant to help members navigate their way through the guide in order to get to the section that they want to refer to. This means that the contents are grouped and headed to facilitate this navigation with the least amount of hassle.

The table of contents contains the following chapter descriptions:
Part 1: Index
Part 2: Introduction
Part 3: My story
Part 4: Overview
Part 5: Resume building
Part 6: Letting the companies find you
Part 7: Big companies that are currently hiring
Part 8: Video game beta testing job listings
Part 9: Skill based competitive gaming companies
Part 10: Last word on applying for jobs
Part 11: Free video game rentals
Part 12: Ebay success kit
Part 13: The free stuff section
Part 14: Other money-making resources
Part 15: Other

Gamer Testing Ground Contents

Parts 1 through 6 discuss the requirements for becoming a tester. There is enough detail about the issues around skills, requirements and building a resume that will help to get you hired.

It starts with a general Introduction of what the guide is about and what to expect from the guide. It also contains some hype about becoming a tester. This is followed by a section containing somebody's testimony on how their life changed after becoming a tester and his experiences while being a tester. The overview tells you about the contents of the guide and short description of each part in the book. This is important as it will help you navigate your way around the information in the guide.

One of the most important parts in this guide is the part talking about building your resume. As with any job, your resume lets potential employers know what to expect from you as an employee. Your resume is your representative with the potential employer and it should contain all the information they need about you. The most important information, of course, is how good you are at testing games and what previous (if any) experience you've got. It should also contain a motivation on why you want to be a tester and why you would like to work for that specific company.

Gamer Testing Ground Website Preview

Parts 7 through 9 give listings of companies that will hire testers. It categorizes the companies so that it is easier to find the type of company that you would like to work for. Of course, the biggest, and probably most important, part of this guide is Part 7: Big companies that are currently hiring. This is the part that you have purchased the membership for. This section provides the details and job descriptions of available jobs in specific companies. Because the guide is online, updating happens in real-time so the updates are fresh and current. As the jobs are filled, the site then removes the job specification from Part 7.

In the list of companies hiring game testers are big brand names such as EA Games, Big Fish Games, SEGA, Microsoft etc. Since they not only list the names of the company, you have a better chance of being hired. You're not applying in general for a game tester position you're applying for a specific position. Being specific about the position that you want to apply for helps to minimize confusion and the possibility that your resume will end up at the bottom of somebody's drawer.

Parts 10 through 15 deal with miscellaneous issues on becoming a tester. It also offers some free give-away's to entice the reader to participate in its various promotions and to renew his / her membership. There is even a lucky draw for new members. Once you purchase your membership, your name automatically goes into the ‘hat' for the opportunity to win a PS3 console or, if you already have a PS3, a similar console.

In addition to the information that the guide provides, it also discusses other ways for making money – a useful extra for entrepreneurs and those who need to earn a bit of extra cash. It is also very useful to have these sources of income while you wait to be appointed as a tester.


Along with the guide, there are several other things on offer: Free games, promotions etc. The price of the guide is also very reasonable and occasionally they have special offers that make a membership worthwhile. For instance: The special offer running from Aug 6 to Aug 30 gives new members a $30 discount on all three the membership choices. They also accept most major credit cards and Paypal which will make it easier to pay for the membership.

All in all the guide comes highly recommended for its user-friendliness, information and freebies. Definitely worth investing in.

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