Game Tester Guide Logo Richard West wrote a downloadable eBook/guide on how to become a game tester. It is an interesting book with many useful resources and tips to help all wanna-be game testers to fulfill their aspirations.

It is an easy book to read and the hints and tips are also easy to follow. Along with the user-friendliness of the guide, there is a 100% money-back guarantee if you're not satisfied.

The book does not tell you anything that you can't look up on the internet yourself, but it comes with Richard's own experience and knowledge. He has also taken the time to properly research the industry and sort the scams from the legitimate offers. This can take a lot of time if you do it on your own and Richard has taken the time to make sure that you are not disappointed. Another thing making this guide - GameTesterGuide something that we would like to recommend is that there is fast and friendly after-sales service from Richard himself. This makes it worthwhile to buy the book as when you get stuck or have a question  Richard is ready at the other end of the e-mail to assist you with your queries.

Let's take a look at the structure of the guide:

Table of Contents:

The table of contents is as simple as navigating around the information in the guide.
1.) Introduction
2.) Game Testing Basics
3.) How to get a job
4.) Get paid for Gaming Tournaments
5.) Make Money Playing Games Online
6.) More Easy Money-making Ways
7.) Conclusion

In the introduction Richard tells you what to expect from the guide and how to use it. E also touches on what to expect when you're a game tester.
The basics of game testing are an important issue for anybody wanting to be a game tester. There are many things that a prospective game tester can forget and therefore miss out on. These are the things that Richard wants to highlight for his readers so that they can avoid the most common pitfalls before they've even started.

There are also strong warnings about scam sites that can take your money and not deliver anything. Once you've lost that money it is lost forever.

In the section on how to get a job, Richard explains the importance of have a solid resume and selling yourself if you're just starting out. This is an important section as it can be tricky breaking into the world of game testing, yet there are many available opportunities. He also gives guidance on which credible and legitimate companies are looking for game testers. He gives advice on how to put together a company specific resume, how to approach companies, what to expect and how to deal with queries and testing of your abilities. Getting a job is the foremost goal of this guide and this is what the membership is all about. The membership fee pays for all Richard's research, experience, knowledge and the fact that he's taken all of that and simplified it to a 13 page guide available on the internet.

Game Tester Guide Website

Game Tester Guide.Net Ebook

From page 7 onward, there is a list of companies that are actively seeking game testers, as well as the appropriate websites to use for research and application purposes. Some of the companies on the list are even recruiting for other positions as well, so you may end up applying for a completely different job altogether. Something that makes this guide unique is the fact that Richard explains at some length about how to make money by playing game tournaments. This is a revenue generating activity that many sites overlook. By playing (and winning) tournaments you are noticed by big companies who are looking for credible game testers. The tournament also gives you the opportunity to gain experience that you can add to your resume when applying for a job as a game tester. Richard provides a list of sites that will pay players to play their games online and in the various game tournaments.

# The same goes for making money while playing online. Richard explains, gives hints and tips etc. about how to get involved with playing games online for an income. Once again, this section distinguishes Richard's guide from others on the market.

# Another pleasant add-on is the section on other ways of making money. When you want to become a game tester, you may not be employed immediately. While you're waiting for your break, you will need to fill the time, as well as earn an income that will sustain you. Richard mentions quite a few ways of using your talents to make enough money to live on until you officially become a game tester.

# The conclusion of the guide is a way of briefly recapping the advice that Richard imparts throughout the guide and helps to consolidate all the hints and tips. It has a ‘frequently asked questions' section that also helps you to answer some unanswered questions (if you have any) and it also lets you know what other people think about the guide.

Richard also offers advice on which consoles the game tester need to be able to work, as the companies wanting game tester use PS3, PSP, Xbox etc. If you have any or all of the consoles and you are proficient in working with them, you also have a better chance at being employed. Finally there is a short section marketing the membership and offering reasons for renewing your membership.


This is a guide (Game Tester Guide Net) that can be recommended to all prospective game testers. Its 13-page simplicity and affordable membership fees make it a worthwhile investment in your quest to becoming a game tester. As highlighted above, the sections are clearly labeled to make navigation easier and help you find the information and / or the answers to your questions quickly and easily. With this recommendation comes the warning that there are many scam sites out there. Richard has taken the time and the trouble to weed them out and give just credible sites and information. Definitely worth looking into.

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