Game Control Error When working for a video game company as a game tester, it's very important that you avoid making some of the common errors.

If you make too many of these errors, in fact, the game company may decide you are not the best tester and will let you go. However, while the game company may tell you what they want in your reviews, they may not give you any examples of what NOT to do. Here are some of the most common errors video game testers make and how you can avoid them.

» Error #1: being too vague.

"The controls don't work right."
"This item doesn't do what it is supposed to."
"I can't change the view on level 5."

Always be as concrete as you can when describing the error. Which controls don't work? Which item doesn't work? What is it supposed to do, and what is it currently doing in the game? What were you doing when you used the item, and where in the game where you? To avoid this error, list everything you can, including level, location, which character(s) you were using, etc. The goal with error reporting is to give the programmers everything they need to recreate the error, so it is critical they have all the information possible.

» Error #2: leaving out small errors

Not reporting off colors/strange graphics
Not reporting music/sound errors
Overlooking things like spelling/grammar errors in dialogue

These small details, while not as important as major gameplay errors, are still important. What may look like a small error to you will be noted by game players and, worse, game reviewers. If there are too many of this little misspellings, musical glitches, and odd graphical errors, the game may be rated down because of it. Report everything. If you don't believe something is a major error, you might make a list of minor bugs and include it after you write up all the major bugs.

RPG Game

» Error #3: not testing everything

Not playing every character in a fighting game
Skipping optional content in an RPG
Playing only the main mode in a racing game and not the two-player version

Video game testers are paid to test out every part of a game. You don't want to skip over anything, because normal gamers won't. They will explore every little nook and cranny of the game, and they will find the little errors that you didn't take the time to find. Make sure you play every character, test out every mode, and explore everywhere.

» Error #4: only playing the game through once/skipping unlocked content

Not playing through every storyline in an RPG (some RPGs don't allow you to recruit certain characters if you recruit others, for example)
Skipping content or more difficult modes that are only unlocked after you beat the game once

In addition to any un-lockable content or content that is only accessible by playing the game multiple times, some errors may not pop up every time you play the game. In fact, you may never find any errors at all, but another game tester might find several bugs in the same game. This doesn't mean you're a bad tester. In may simply mean that you didn't do the exact same things the other tester did. However, playing a game through several times does mean you have more chances of finding errors.