Elite Game Tester Header Introduction: There are many of these sites on the web. These sites promise you the world, but are only there to fill your pockets. Some people are very nervous about using a new site, as it could very easily be a scam site and the subscription fees are normally not cheap. However, when on doubt, see what other people have experienced.

The comments on other reviews of this guide were in the line of “buy elite game tester it's the real deal”; “you really should give it a shot because it works”; “finally a video game tester's job guide that delivers value”. This was reassuring, so we took the plunge and had a look at what Elite Game Tester has to offer.

Table of Contents

The guide has a significant table of contents that really covers a wide spectrum on issues regarding game testing:

Chapter 1: Introduction and Overview
Chapter 2: Game Testing Basics
Chapter 3: Types of Game Testing
Chapter 4: What Game Companies are Looking For
Chapter 5: Myths and Facts
Chapter 6: Who You Will Be Working For
Chapter 7: What you will be doing: Tracking BUGS
Chapter 8: Craft a Winning Resume
Chapter 9: Why the Cover Letter is Important
Chapter 10: The Interview
Chapter 11: It's Time to Stand Out from the Crowd
Chapter 12: Industry Players
Chapter 13: Getting the Job
Chapter 14: Make Money Right Now
Chapter 15: Conclusion

These 15 chapters are a comprehensive guide to becoming a game tester.

Elite Game Tester Contents

Chapter 1 tells the reader what the guide is about and gives guidance as to how to use the guide successfully. It also provides a brief overview of what one can expect to find in the next 14 chapters.

Chapter 2 takes a look at the basics that people often overlook when trying to become game testers. It gives guidelines on how to set out to become a game tester, as well as other very useful hints and tips.

Chapter 3 is more of an educational chapter to make the potential game tester aware of all the different kinds of game testing that s/he can get involved in. This is important information because you might find that you are more suited to a different type of game testing than you originally thought.

Chapter 4 is where the nitty-gritty of becoming a game tester starts. Of course companies will have their preferences and requirements, but it is very useful if you are prepared for them. Although this can only be a generic discussion with a few examples, it will help you prepare for the interview (discussed later).

Chapter 5 talks about the facts and the myths surrounding the job of game tester. The purpose of this chapter is to make you aware that some of the things that you've heard or believe may not be factual and if you expect them to be like that you'll be sorely disappointed.

Elite Game Tester Website Preview

In Chapters 6 and 7 the actual issues of being employed are addressed. You gain an understanding of the type of person your boss may be and there's also a look at what your job actually entails. These two chapters are of the most important chapters in the guide, as they will help you to prepare for being employed as a game tester.

In Chapters 8, 9 and 10 the application process is dealt with. These chapters give solid guidance as to how to apply for a position. They start with the ever important resume and what it should contain and then progress to the extremely important cover letter (chapter 9) that will get you the interview if it's properly written. Finally Chapter 10 gives guidance and tips for making a positive impression at the interview. This is where you need to convince your potential bosses that you are the right person for the job.

The rest of the chapters up to chapter 13 build on the foundation laid in chapters 8 through 10. It is all about being the one that the future employers have to see and take note of. They give guidance on how to land the job and what to do once you've been appointed. It is extremely important advice as you are using this guide for precisely that reason – to get the game testing job.

Chapter 12 specifically looks at who are currently out in the industry looking to hire game testers. It looks at how the game testers are chosen and what the industry requirements are. It also gives advice as to which game console the most appropriate is for which type of testing. There is also a section that speaks about experience, game tournaments etc.

Chapter 14 offers advice on how to make money immediately while you are in the process of applying for game testing jobs. There are solid hints and tips and leads to tell you where to go, what to do etc.

The conclusion is a motivation for the reader to try the system in the guide. The topics that were discussed are briefly reiterated and the main points repeated.


Despite initial fears that this guide may be yet another scam, the information is too solid and well-researched to not be taken seriously. It is definitely worthwhile paying the very reasonable membership fee that will give you ongoing access to the guide and its constant updating. Another positive thing about having a membership to this guide is that they don't pretend to get work for you. They are very clear that they are equipping you to get work yourself. Their confidence in their product is reflected in their 90-day money back guarantee: If you don't find work in 90 days, you will get your money back.

A final observation is that many potential game testers don't know where to start and how to go about getting work in a field that they are passionate about. They've heard of the possibility of playing video games for a living but really don't know where to apply. This guide Elite Game Tester Ebook provides that guidance and is also a solid foundation for any future job interviews.

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