Computer Game Tester Qualifications Resident Evil If you want to be a computer game tester, you need to work out what qualifications you need, if any and if you do not have them, how to get them.

Computer game testing can be a very fun and enjoyable job and to make the most out of your career you need to be good at it, so first of all you have to actually enjoy playing computer games. If you don't, you will not enjoy your job and you will earn less money than what you could otherwise do, should you work harder and for longer.

The basic qualifications

One of the most important computer game tester qualifications is to have some sort of basic knowledge of computer games as a whole. This is a basic requirement but if you do not have this knowledge, you cannot have an educated opinion and therefore being a game tester would not be beneficial to you.

Secondary to that, you need to have communication skills, and good ones at that. You need to be able to relay your thoughts and opinions about the game you have tested to the company that have requested you try it out. If you cannot communicate, the company will have no idea of what you really thought of the game and also any ideas on what could have improved the game.

Basic computer skills are essential, obviously, for actually playing and working the game. Without basic computer knowledge, not only will you not be able to play the game itself but you will also not be able to come up with positive and negative feedback on the actual workings of the game.

Computer Game Testers

More complex qualifications

Obviously, more than the above is required to start in the world of computer game testing. You first of all need to learn and use the art of recognizing faults within the game play itself and be able to report this back to the company that is hiring you. Documenting as you play is very important as you do not want to miss out vital flaws that other people may notice and without this process the game will not be a hit.

You will also need to enjoy the game and testing the game and not think of it so much as a job, but more of a hobby. Playing games is fun but as soon as you put the term "work" into the equation, the game playing can lose its appeal and you do not want this to happen.

Technical issues can be a major problem within computer games and you will need to identify these problems and again, report them back to the company that will be hiring you. For example, the game may not work with a specific video card etc, so this will need to be reported back to the company.

Do not become a games tester if…

You hate games! You need to be dedicated at this job and keep your eyes open for anything that can, and may go wrong. It needs to be taken seriously, and although you should be having fun while you are playing it, you do need to take some part of the "work" aspect with some dedication.

If you have reported a fault with the game, you may be required to play that same part of the game over and over again to make sure that the problem has been fixed and to report, yet again, if it hasn't. This can get tedious and boring but you must keep at it, especially if you would like to make this a career.