Requirements in Becoming a Video Game Tester There are certain requirements in becoming a video game tester. Aside from being a video gaming enthusiast, you need to possess substantial computer skills. You also need to be updated on the latest games and high-tech devices in the market.

These days, the specifications have become lax. This means almost anyone can become a paid video game tester. However, you need to have the passion for playing video games apart from the skills of adapting to different techniques, strategies and systems involved in video gaming before you can become a video game tester.

Here are other essential requirements in becoming a video game tester:

» You need to be at least 18 years old – This age requirement can also change depending on game developers. There are other companies who hire even those who are under 18 years of age, especially if the games are also for individuals in the same age range. This means age limitations depend on the company.

» You need to be an "avid gamer" and you should have lots of experience when it comes to gaming – The term "avid gamer" is currently given to people who always play very popular games like Final Fantasy, Oblivion and the like. In order to become an "avid gamer", you only need to work with such related games for a few weeks or until you gain mastery over the necessary skills, techniques, and systems involved. "Avid gamers" have the ability to adapt to the different games laid out for them.

» You need to be updated when it comes to games of the next generation – So-called next-gen video games and systems are very popular, and your exposure to this is the key to get a job as a video game tester. Most companies require you to test next-gen video games, especially at present since a lot of developers offer homebased testing opportunities.

» You need to get a high-end computer – If you are more into PC games or you are a "PC Gamer", you need to possess a very powerful and high tech computer. This means your computer should be capable of handling all types of video games, and you can test it without worrying about hardware related problems.

» You need to secure a video game tester resume – Even if you've been testing games for the longest time, a professional CV or resume is still necessary. This is also to formalize your application as a video game tester. It is still a type of job requiring applicants to be professional in every sense of the word. The good thing is that you don't need to have a college degree or even any special training just to become a Video Game Tester. In the absence of such qualifications, you need to have a very high ambition and a large amount of persistence running in your veins.

These are the most basic and essential requirements for being a Video Game Tester. Most of these video game testing requirements will still depend on the company offering video game testing opportunities to people like you.