Game Tester Bug ReportThe world of game testing involves quite a steep learning curve. There is a lot you need to pick up early on if you want to make it in this business. Ideally you should hit the deck running and already know a lot before you even begin. One of the things that it is important to know is how to report a bug of a game by game tester.

In fact if you are not able to do this there is no way that you will be of use to any game developer; this is what they are paying you to do after all. In the rest of this article we will discuss the important of this aspect of the job, and the details of how to report a bug of a game by game tester.

Why Do You Need To Report Bugs in a Specific Way?

When the developer pays people to test their games  Read more »

Make Money Game Testing One of the first things people wonder about when considering a future in game testing is, how much will they get paid? Many suspect that the fact that this is something that they love doing anyway will mean that they get paid very little. The good news is that most game testers make a good living out of this career, and some may a lot of money out of it. Like most things you will likely earn less money in the beginning; once you establish yourself though the money may come pouring in.

Those new to video game testing may struggle to make more than $10,000 a year – some won't even manage to make that. Most though will soon be hitting the $20,000 mark though, and as they become more well know then so will there income likely increase. Some of the more experienced Read more »

Game Tester Internet Cursor If you are considering this type of career then it can be useful to know about the more reputable video game tester sites. There are a lot of these types of websites online but they are not all good sources for information or work. If this is all new to you then it can all be a bit confusing; for this reason here is a list of some of the reputable video game tester sites.

Game Tester Guide (Full Review)
Game Tester Guide provides lots of useful information that will be helpful for people now to this field. It talks about the different types of tester and offers suggestions about how people can find their way into this type of work. It is a relatively small website but the information is quite good.

Gaming Testing Ground (Full Review)
Gaming Testing Ground is a website that not only provides lots of useful information but also has a member-only area where you can join and start making  Read more »

Elite Game Tester Header Introduction: There are many of these sites on the web. These sites promise you the world, but are only there to fill your pockets. Some people are very nervous about using a new site, as it could very easily be a scam site and the subscription fees are normally not cheap. However, when on doubt, see what other people have experienced.

The comments on other reviews of this guide were in the line of “buy elite game tester it's the real deal”; “you really should give it a shot because it works”; “finally a video game tester's job guide that delivers value”. This was reassuring, so we took the plunge and had a look at what Elite Game Tester has to offer.

Table of Contents

The guide has a significant table of contents that really Read more »

Gamer Testing Ground Image Introduction: The Gamer Tester Ground Guide is one of the most useful guides for people who are trying to become game testers. It is a user-friendly site with clear chapter headings and appropriate, up-to-date information on all the topics concerning the game tester.

The online membership of Gamer Testing Ground allows members the option of buying into the site for 6, 12 or 24 months and this membership to the Gamer Testing Ground manual allows you access to the frequent updates and new resources that the site offers.

The resource list at the end of the guide contains very valuable information on credible companies who are currently hiring game testers. This list is updated often so it contains the newest available jobs. This is one of the main benefits  Read more »

Game Tester Guide Logo Richard West wrote a downloadable eBook/guide on how to become a game tester. It is an interesting book with many useful resources and tips to help all wanna-be game testers to fulfill their aspirations.

It is an easy book to read and the hints and tips are also easy to follow. Along with the user-friendliness of the guide, there is a 100% money-back guarantee if you're not satisfied.

The book does not tell you anything that you can't look up on the internet yourself, but it comes with Richard's own experience and knowledge. He has also taken the time to properly research the industry and sort the scams from the legitimate offers. This can take a lot of time if you do it on your own and Richard has taken the time to make sure that you are not disappointed. Another thing making this guide - GameTesterGuide something that we would like to recommend is that there is fast and friendly after-sales service from Richard himself. This makes it worthwhile to buy the book as when you get stuck or have a question  Read more »

Freelance Game Testers Being a freelance video game tester is a great way of making some extra money. You get the benefit of working from home, working your own hours, and making money playing video games. However, there are some downsides to the job, too. Getting a job as a freelance game tester is also not as easy as you'd think.

Advantages and Disadvantages

» Work from home
» Work your own hours
» Take on as much or as little work as you'd like
» Do other tasks while testing games, such as Read more »

Video Game Testing Community The video game testing world is one of the most competitive industries out there, and if you're under the age of 18, it may seem impossible to get a job testing games. This is because many companies simply do not want to deal with the legalities surrounding employees under 18.

They can't work as many hours in a day, and many of the contracts and such have to be signed by parents. However, many great gamers are under 18, so how can both these young players and video game companies benefit from their experience?

Do Unpaid Beta Tests

One of the best ways for young gamers to Read more »

EA Game Tester There are many different video game companies out there that need game testers. If you're interested in a career as a video game tester, it's a good idea to start with these companies. One of them is EA Games. EA Games is one of the largest game companies in the US and is perhaps the top sports game company. While EA Games does need a good number of testers, these positions are highly competitive. So what does it take to get a job with EA Games as a video game tester?

EA Games was founded in 1982. EA, or Electric Arts, originally created computer games, but by the late 80s, they had moved on to creating games for consoles. What began as one small game company has today spread into a number of labels. Read more »

Video Game Tester Companies There are many different companies that hire video game testers. No matter which company you work for, you'll get to do what you've always wanted to do: play video games for a living! Depending on which company you work for, your duties may vary a bit, but mostly, you'll find yourself taking notes while playing various video games. Here are some ideas about joining the top video game tester companies.

Before you can look into actual companies, though, you need to decide which part of the video game testing industry you want to get into. You can work directly for a video game company, work for a testing company, work for a magazine that reviews games, or work for a website that focuses Read more »

Game Control Error When working for a video game company as a game tester, it's very important that you avoid making some of the common errors.

If you make too many of these errors, in fact, the game company may decide you are not the best tester and will let you go. However, while the game company may tell you what they want in your reviews, they may not give you any examples of what NOT to do. Here are some of the most common errors video game testers make and how you can avoid them.

» Error #1: being too vague. Read more »

Game Testing Firms EA Video game testing jobs wouldn't exist without video game testing firms. Sometimes, these firms are the companies that created the games. Sometimes, they're the publishers, and sometimes, they're third-party company that handles quality assurance and testing for multiple companies. No matter what, these companies hire video game testers to perform one or several different types of testing.

Localization Testing

Localization testing firms focus on making sure a foreign-made game is ready to be released in a different Read more »

Make Money From Video Games So you want to be a video game reviewer, huh? Many avid gamers across the world aspire to work in video game reviewing, but few actually take the necessary steps to get a job as a game reviewer or tester.

Why? Well, for several reasons, but one of the largest reasons is that there are few jobs in the market. They do exist, but it's hard to break into video game reviewing and testing since most companies want people who have experience in the field. How do you get that experience when you can't get a job to gain it? That's the crux of the problem. Read more »

Video Game Tester Sample Resume As with any job, your resume is vital to securing a position as a video game tester. However, you might wonder what exactly you can list on your resume to make you look like a better client for a testing job. After all, there are few things that seem to count as relevant work experience for a video game testing job short of, well, testing video games. There are some things, though, that can help push your resume to the top of the pile.

» Show any previous writing experience. As a video game tester, it is very important that you can clearly communicate your experiences playing a game. In fact, a degree in English is often seen as Read more »

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